Every person has its own constitution, a mix of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. So firstly a consult is conducted to diagnose the source of the imbalance and concurrent treatment is advised. For the people who cannot be physically present for a consult a video-consult is possible through the means of Skype.

Skype Consults

For the people who are not able to come to the clinic, we also provide Skype consults. Through Skype the initial consult is conducted. From there on the treatment will consist of mailing specific ayurvedic herbs and instructions on how to use them. A lot can be done through this medium, physical treatments  are not possible but as much as can be done through herbal medicine and guidance is put into this medium.  Also certain herbal combinations can be ordered through our online shop, of course as much as possible will be customized for the specific situation.

Ayurvedic Oil Based Massage Therapy

In Ayurveda massage is a very direct way of healing. The Ayurvedic massage uses different techniques to relax the mind and body to get them closer to unity.  Also these massages activate the metabolism accelerating the secretion of waste in the body. The Ayurvedic massage can be used in many ways for different purposes.

Other treatment options could be herbal supplements, Treatments,special diets, shirodhara,steam therapy, yoga, meditation, and internal body cleansing. We have different types of treatment options and packages. The type of treatment is person specific.

Ayur Mantra distinguishes between two types of treatments: health and beauty treatments. The health treatments focus on strengthening the body and cleansing the body. The body strengthening treatments, also known as Santarpan therapy are rejuvenation therapies directed towards amplifying the immune system, improving the digestive track and boosting overall energy levels.  Body cleansing treatments, also known as Apatarpan therapy, are directed towards secreting the waste and toxins from the bodies as a means to balance the doshas.

Santarpan and Apatarpan therapies consist of different treatments; a list of a small selection is given below:

Ayurvedic Treatments

*Ayurvedic pain treatments

For example; Abhyanga is a massage where warm herbal oils are used, through abhyanga balancing the energy (Marma), the energy channels (Nadi) and energy movement in one’s body (Vayu) is the objective.  The treatment stimulates blood flow and supports the hormonal balance. In general it can be said that Abhyanga strengthens the general immune system.

In most therapies herbal oils are used, but mixed with different herbs and on different parts of the body.

Ayur Mantra offers many different types of products and services for the everyday woman’s mental and physical being. The beauty treatments involve herbal masks, massage, steam, and nutrition. All the face/skin packs are made of Ayurvedic herbs, fruit and vegetables, lentils, milk, yoghurt and oils. Also we have special products for different skin conditions, like acne and hair loss.