Ayur Mantra was founded in the year of 2007, as a Ayurvedic practice focused on women. We still remain the only Ayurvedic practice focused on women in the Netherlands till date. Our patients come from all over the world to use our services for their benefit. Ayur Mantra has seen growth and success since its founding. The biggest source of new patients is referrals from satisfied existing patients. We are extremely proud of our growth and success creating happy and healthy patients.

The Ayur Mantra philosophy is based upon the traditional Ayurvedic principles, the continuous pursuit of good health by creating mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health through balanced nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, and stress reduction techniques. We provide our patients the treatments and coaching they need to achieve optimal balanced health.

Ayur Mantra works with herbal medicines, oils, supplements, and dietary plans. Also Pancha Karma (5 day cleansing treatment), Dosha balancing treatments (3 day treatment), one day full body treatment, massages, one on one guidance, mantra and yoga conditioning are part of the Ayur Mantra services. These treatments will reintroduce you to your inner self.

The procedure at Ayur Mantra consists of firstly conducting a consult, this a one hour interview in which the Ayurvedic practitioner will determine one’s constitution and what energy is out of balance causing the issues. From there on a treatment plan is set up based on the consult and the wishes of the patient. A part of the treatment can consist of herbal medicines and dietary plans, so much can be done from a distance. That is why we also conduct Skype consults.